ST0008 Effective Leadership


The Effective Leadership workshop is delivered by ABM Training UK Ltd as part of the Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeship listed by the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE) as apprenticeship number ST0008. Here’s how the IFATE describe the apprenticeship:

“The Leader in Adult Care will guide and inspire teams to make positive differences to someone’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional, psychological or intellectual challenges. They will be a leader of the care team and will develop and implement a values-based culture at a service or unit level. They may be responsible for business development, financial control, organisational resilience and continuity as well as for managing risk and leading on organisational change.

A Leader in Adult Care has responsibility for managing community or residential based services. This role has a large element of leadership, whether with other care workers and networks or in leading the service itself. A successful apprentice will have met all the requirements. They have a responsibility to ensure the service is safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. They may be a registered manager of a service, unit, deputy or assistant manager. They will be responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance of the care given and the values and training of staff with established standards and regulations.

These are the personal attributes and behaviours expected of all Leaders in Adult Care carrying out their roles:

Care: is caring consistently and enough about individuals to make a positive difference to their lives
Compassion: is delivering care and support with kindness, consideration, dignity, empathy and respect
Courage: is doing the right thing for people and speaking up if the individual they support is at risk
Communication: good communication is central to successful caring relationships and effective team working
Competence: is applying knowledge and skills to provide high quality care and support
Commitment: to improving the experience of people who need care and support ensuring it is person centred

Leaders in Adult Care may work in residential or nursing homes, domiciliary care, community day centres, a person’s own home or some clinical healthcare settings. The role of Leader in Adult Care in this standard also covers Personal Assistants who operate in a management role but they may only work directly for one individual who needs support and/or care services.Typical job titles include registered, assistant, deputy, unit or service manager.

ABM Training Uk Ltd deliver this programme over 18 months.


“So you’ve attended your first workshop – Effective Leadership. We hope you achieved your personal and professional objectives and took a lot away from the session.

In this workshop you explored the terms management and leadership; how the two terms differ like the sun and the moon; hot and cold as so forth. They are two sides of the same coin. While different and distinct, they are parts of the whole: essential contrasts, to make clearer the other. We explored the overlap between them and how you are required to manage but also lead your teams to success.

We put together a list of the qualities and behaviours required of a good Manager and Leader and focused on the personal qualities and attributes rather than the knowledge and skill. You then explored your own leadership style using the Insights Discovery model of colours.

Do you recall your dominant colour? It is important to remember this so that you can adapt your style according to the person and situation.

We explored John Adair’s model of Action-Centred Leadership and how as Managers and Leaders you are required to have full command of the task, team and individuals. This will ensure overall success for the project.

As we know conflict within the workplace is inevitable. Your role as the leader is to prevent it, but when it does arise to manage it to an agreed resolution. Remember do not avoid it, you must deal with it.

We are sure you are already reflecting on your learning from the workshop and considering how you will be putting these into practice. These workshops after all, provide a set of practical skills which can be learnt and developed.

Try out the tasks in this RISE module before taking the assessment quiz. Your results feed straight into your e-portfolio and your Skills Tutor will talk you through the feedback at your next coaching session.”


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