ST0384 Being a Leader


This two minute video introduces you to the first CPD workshop on an ABM Team Leading apprenticeship. Erica Farmer talks us through topics discussed and developed including:

  • The fundamentals of leadership
  • Leadership impact
  • Action centred leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence

Watch the video through as a course refresher !


“So you’ve attended your first workshop – Being a Leader. We hope you achieved your personal and professional objectives and took a lot away from the session.

In this workshop you explored the fundamentals of leadership within the context of team management. We looked at the qualities and behaviours that are essential/desirable in a leader, examining those behaviours that are sometimes associated with leadership, but which are not effective and should be avoided.

We explored the factors that can impact our leadership including the organisation itself, the nature of the work teams do, and the leader’s own experience, confidence, capability. We know that as a leader we have a huge impact on those around us to know this is key to success.

We discovered Action-Centred Leadership by looking at the leader’s areas of responsibility – the team, the task, and the individual. A leader needs to meet the need of all three areas – the underpinning idea being “balance”.

The work we undertook on Situational Leadership would have also supported this. Remember your team’s members will need different support and leadership at different times.

Have you thought about your team and what support they need both now and in the future?

And to underpin all of this we spent time on Emotional Intelligence: Looking at the importance of Emotional Intelligence in organisational leadership – it’s role in being a successful “influencer” and the component qualities – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social-skills – that comprise it. You can only be truly impactful and influential when you can manage the impact you have on yourself and others.

We are sure you are already reflecting on your learnings from the workshop and considering how you will be putting these into practice. These workshops after all, provide a set of practical skills which can be learnt and developed.

Try out the tasks in this RISE module before taking the assessment quiz. Your results feed straight into your e-portfolio and your Skills Tutor will talk you through the feedback at your next coaching session.”