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www.apprenticetv.co.uk is part of the ABM Training UK Ltd family of companies and support services.

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ABM Training UK Ltd

ABM Training UK Ltd is a fully recognised provider of Government funded apprenticeship training and listed in the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). ABM has been delivering apprenticeships for 11 years with a focus on Health and Social Care; Early Years; Schools and Education. 

We offer a wide range of specialist focused apprenticeships as well as a full suite of business / organisational support apprenticeships in Leadership and Management, Customer Service and Digital Marketing. ABM can accommodate up to 2000 apprentices annually.

UKPRN: 10029426
Company Number: 06621209

ABM Functional Skills Academy

ABM recognises that many apprentices need further support developing better English and Maths. In response we’ve developed the ABM Functional Skills Academy and provide ‘deep dive’ learning and support through tutor led virtual classrooms. 

Each participant works through tailor made functional skills learning based on diagnostics of their strengths and weaknesses. When needed we provide additional 1-2-1 coaching. The ABM Functional Skills Academy is open to learners from training providers other than ABM.


Apprenticetv is a unique online tv and video platform designed to stretch and challenge learning. Apprentices access a wide range of curated video content which extends the scope and range of their learning beyond the provision directly delivered by ABM Training.

Each curated playlist is indexed, annotated and transcribed and apprentices can access related learning resource and a discussion forum right there ‘off the bat’.


If you are an apprenticeship levy paying employer you can transfer up to 25% of your levy fund to support the training of apprentices employed elsewhere. If your business doesn’t use, or transfer, money you have paid into the apprenticeship levy scheme it’s simply taken back by Government. You’ve paid it … why lose it ? 

You can use www.levytransfer.co.uk to make the pro-active choice to use your un-used apprenticeship levy funds to support a good cause.

ABM Publishing

We’re currently authoring a wide range of learning resources designed to challenge and stretch learners joining our apprenticeship programmes. 

Resources include RISE 360 and RISE Storyline e-learning modules, curated directional learning video resources / forums and ‘e-porfolio ready’ research and assignment packs. These will made commercially available to other training providers on a licenced basis from early 2021.

Apprenticetv Curators

Apprenticetv content is curated by:

Erica Farmer

Erica is the sight and sound of many apprenticetv and ABM apprenticeship programme videos. She’s the brain behind most of the playlists and has worked alongside ABMs trainers to source, select and curate our video content. She’s an apprenticeships expert, great communicator, technologist, script writer and present all wrapped up as one!

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Simon Greenleaf

Simon is Managing Director at ABM Training UK Ltd and has worked in a variety of leadership and management roles in the travel and education sectors over the past 30 years. As a keen “you-tuber” self-taught video maker, part time musician and blogger Simon has built up a huge library of resources. He curates the Leadership and Management channels.

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