Stretching and challenging learning using curated video playlists

Studying an Apprenticeship? Expand your horizons with our free video content!

What is apprenticetv.co.uk?

Apprenticetv is a unique online tv and video platform designed to stretch and challenge apprentices. 

We’ve created a series of unique ‘Youtube’ playlists that are curated by an apprenticetv.co.uk presenter.  The curator introduces each video and prompts you to think about what you are about to watch in the context of your apprenticeship.

At the end of each video your curator sums up what you have seen and asks you to think about how the issues raised might apply to you, your job or your employer.

Who is apprenticetv.co.uk for?

Apprenticetv is what it says on the tin. We’re an online tv channel for apprentices. We organise and present video content that supports continued, and stretching, learning outside of traditional ‘classroom time’.

We’re focussed on apprenticeships in Leadership and Management, Care, Social Care, Education, Early Years and Teaching, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales

You can access our material 24/7 and, if you are an apprentice, our service is completely free to use.

Our Channels

Apprenticetv is a virtual filing cabinet filled with curated video. The content in each channel is organised into playlists of about ten programmes. Each playlist has been created so that it links directly to a core theme or topic of your apprenticeship.

Featured Channel

The Adult Care Channel

You’ll find the Adult Care chennel particularly useful if you are currently participating in the following apprenticeships: